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Line Cook 

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Summary of Position

Line Cooks to prepare food to the chef’s specifications and to set up stations for service. Line Cook duties will consist of assisting the executive and sous chef with their daily tasks. The successful candidate will play a key role in contributing to our customer satisfaction and acquisition goals. 

Duties & Responsibilities​ 

  • Set up and stocking of stations, this includes changing pans, labeling and dating, and meeting station par levels. 

  • Prepare food for service (e.g. chopping vegetables, butchering meat, or preparing sauces). 

  • Prepares a variety of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, dairy and other food items using knives, electric mixers, immersion blenders, food processors, scales, and portion bags.

  • Assure that each item is cooked to the Chef and guest’s specifications. At C9 Hospitality Group we pride ourselves on quality. All food is to be prepared and cooked to the standards put in place by the chef, there are no exceptions to this. 

  • Garnish each dish properly. It is important to use the specific garnishes for each dish. 

  • Answer, report and follow executive or sous chef’s instructions. If the executive chef is not present all questions should be directed to a FOH manager. 

  • Maintains a clean and sanitary work station area. This includes completing daily deep cleaning tasks they may be asked for a Manager. Deep cleaning should be done regularly to maintain a clean and safe work environment. 

  • Stock inventory appropriately. All par levels need to meet daily. These par levels are put in place by Chef. Prep should be done for a two day period. This means if it is Monday you should be preparing for Monday and Tuesday. 

  • Ensure that food comes out simultaneously, in high quality and in a timely fashion. At C9 Hospitality Group we do not take shortcuts or sell bad food. Take pride in the food you serve. It is up to the managers discretion if a dish is deemed not serviceable. No exceptions to this. 

  • Assumes responsibility for quality, food safety/sanitation and timeliness of products served.

  • Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers. Everyone is to be treated fairly and equal. We are a team at C9 Hospitality Group and we need to act as one. 

  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the management staff. No is not an acceptable answer. We are all here to work and should act as such. If you are uncomfortable with a task given please bring it to the managers attention. 

  • Maintain Menu Item Recipe, Prep Recipe and Batch Recipe Master Control Manual.

  • Maintain and ensure operational compliance with the restaurant’s procedure Opening, Closing, Prep Checklists for all back of house staff.

  • Ensure that all equipment is kept clean and kept in excellent working condition through personal inspection and by following the restaurant’s preventative maintenance programs.

  • Ensure all closing work is done nightly including prep list, all product is properly wrapped and stored, all equipment is cleaned and turned off.

  • Maintain clean and organized coolers with scheduled deep cleaning

  • Understand completely all policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines and training programs.

  • Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety and labor requirements of the restaurant.

  • The kitchen will continue to cook regardless of what time it is until the MOD states that all tickets are in. Cooks are not to ask any servers if they still have orders. At C9 Hospitality Group everyone is a guest till they exit the doors. This means if a table sits right before the kitchen closes we will still provide the same level of service regardless of the time. 

  • Managers have the right to keep kitchen staff after close to complete deep cleaning projects. 

  • Kitchen staff are allowed ONE meal per 12 hour shift. All meals must be approved by a chef. Not all items will be available to eat. If you choose to take your meal home at the end of the night you must do so only using foil or your own personal container. 

  • Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed in the workplace. This is a no exceptions rule. If you are found doing so it will result in termination. 

  • Maintaining a proper attitude is required at work. This includes being friendly to everyone, using proper language and being respectful. 

  • Complaining is not permitted. Illinois is a right to work state and we will follow that. If you do not enjoy working at C9 Hospitality Group we will not require you to stay. 

  • All kitchen staff are to check out with the manager on duty before the leave.


  • Must be able to communicate clearly with managers, kitchen and dining room personnel and guests.

  • Be able to communicate and understand the predominant language(s) of the restaurant’s trading area.

  • Possess excellent basic math skills and have the ability to operate and understand POS system and inventory systems.

  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 9 hours).

  • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.

  • Must have the stamina to work 50+ hours per week.

  • ServSafe Certified

How We Invest In Our Team Members

  • Access to Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

  • Online Employee Portal for 24 hour access to your tax and pay documents

  • 401K Retirement Plan

  • Direct Deposit

  • Virtual 24-Hour Concierge Service offering counseling referral services + legal consultations for things such as home buying, immigration + identity theft

  • Pharmacy Discount Card

  • Financial Wellness Employee Program

  • Leisure Discount Employee Program - discounts on hotels, theme parks, concerts, sporting events, movie tickets, restaurants, spas, rental cars, etc.

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